Cordoba in Spain is one of the great cities with it's famous Cathedral and gardens, pictured here.  It's a stop on the Camino Mozorabe and a great walkable city for visitors.

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I Walked the Camino de Santiago. Now We’re Travelling the World.

Hello and welcome to Then We Walked.

I’m Colleen and I’m an English woman living in France. As a child I knew that I had to travel.

colleen on the camino Frances in Spain

In 2013 I discovered the Camino de Santiago and decided to walk 800 kilometres solo across Spain. It changed my life. I’ve walked the Camino every year since and I write about those travels. I inspire folks who’d like to walk the Camino to find their boots and go.

We retired in 2022 and we’re on a mission to walk (meander) our way around the world. If like us, you’re keen to explore distant shores then we share our itineraries, thoughts, experiences and lessons that we learned on the trail.

We wish we’d travelled more when we were younger but we’re making up for it in retirement. We have a long list of adventures planned!

We Retired. Now We’re Travelling and Walking the World.

We love our life in France but we also have a burning desire to keep travelling and walking.

I fell in love with Spain in 1985 and walking the Camino de Santiago simply confirmed what I already knew; Spain is amazing, especially at a slow pace.

Now we’re retired we want to cast our travel net wider. Your 50s are the new 30s and the 60s are only middle age! Join us and learn how we travel independently, walking and exploring the world in retirement.

Growing old is a gift and as a wise young Bedouin told me in Dana in Jordan, every sunrise is a new opportunity. Here’s our latest news

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