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I Always Knew I Had to Travel!

As a girl I would watch Wickers World on our old black and white television and dream of travelling to foreign shores.

In the 1960’s exploring the world and gap years were seen as far too exotic and the stuff of dreams; and yet I knew that one day I would visit those places.

It’s taken some time and I still have a long list but the world is calling me!

colleen walking the camino portuguese
Angor Wat Cambodia


Dordogne France


Touring the Galapagos Islands in 2023


Travelling and Hiking in Iceland


Wild Atlantic Way Ireland


Petra in Jordan


a week in Malta


Sewing Thread Shop in Tangiers


Mount Everest in Nepal


Lisbon Trams in Portugal


Singapore at Night


Alhambra Granada Spain


Phuket Thailand 2023


Captain America in Seattle USA


Do You Dream of Far Away Places?

I had a list. Africa, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. There were (and are) just so many places in the world that I had to see. Not everywhere was far way and I managed to tick off a few in my twenties and thirties; Greece and her Islands, Spain and her Islands, France, Turkey, Tunisia, the former Yugoslavia and the USA were all visited during precious weeks of holiday from work. 

My childhood list had a few ticks, the Parthenon in Athens, the Empire State Building in New York, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and our jeep drive through the Sahara desert was seen as particularly adventurous in 1982.  I had so many more dreams but life came along; marriage and children and work and mortgages.

We travelled when our children were young but mainly through Europe; Spain, France, Norway and Finland and a few weeks in Rhode Island in the US. Now it’s just the two of us our thoughts have turned back to travelling the world. With our brood having flown the nest we are free to explore and whilst COVID meant our plans were paused we do have big plans! Our diaries are pretty full for the next several years and I hope that you come along and share our adventures through these pages!

camel taxi in wadi rum jordan

Sight-Seeing Seniors

We like to travel independently where possible but sometimes we choose a tour for the comfort or convenience. We also like to include as much local travel and hiking as possible. I read a lot of blogs and I learn a great deal from them! But I’ve realised that there aren’t so many that cater for folks aged 50+. We’re certainly not ready for an armchair and slippers but maybe our days of heart stopping wild adventures are behind us! I hope that Then We Walked will fill the gap for older folks like us who are setting off (or continuing) their travels across the globe.

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