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United States of America

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America offers Something for Every Traveller

I first visited the US in 1988 and at the time if felt like a huge adventure! I can remember making our plans and friends kind of shrugging as if it was perhaps a trip too far. We started our adventure in New York before heading down to the nations capitol of Washington DC, onwards to Florida and we even made a little diversion to Texas when hurricane Gilbert made landfall in the south. It was a glorious adventure and I loved every minute!

It would be almost 20 years before we returned in 2003. This time we had three children in tow and we home-swapped for three glorious weeks in Rhode Island. We explored Boston and Connecticut and New York (although it was the day after ‘the black-out’ and the Empire State Building was closed!). As with our previous visit we had a great time.

Almost another 20 years have flown by and it was definitely time for another visit; lets hope it’s not another 20 years before we get to go back!

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