Belmonte in La Mancha, Spain. with the castle of El Cid

Explore Spain!

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Glorious Spain : A Country that Offers Everything!

For 30 years, I thought I knew Spain well. Little did I know that some of my most cherished experiences were yet to come.

In the 1980’s most Brits visiting Spain headed to the Costas; for me it was the Costa del Sol and then the Costa Brava. Year after year I visited different areas of Spain and her Islands.

Spain : The Second Most Visited Country in the World!

Spain welcomes a record-breaking 75 million tourists a year! There’s a reason why people flock to Spain, simply put, it’s magnificent!

Why We Love Spain

We honeymooned in Seville and short breaks in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid. Then we discovered Northern Spain and San Sebastian, Bilbao and Santander became new favourites. We started spending our winters in Spain. Driving down choosing a new route just to discover new treasures.

In 2013 I discovered the Camino de Santiago which captured my imagination and wanderlust spirit. I walked across Spain, uncovering more hidden treasures along the way.

Colleen on a Spanish Road Trip near Madrid
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