Christmas Comes to Valletta

colleen in valletta with the christmas decorations

Joy. More Rain

More rain was forecast for today so we decided to have a lazy morning and then spend the afternoon strolling around Valletta.  We’d loved our last visit and really wanted to return. We caught our 91 bus from the harbour which saves the drive through city traffic and means Mr S can have a cheeky glass of wine or two!

Take Time to Just Meander

The buses are great. We arrived at the entrance to the city and wandered into the old town as before.   There was no plan this afternoon. We just wanted to meander. I love that word. And we love a good meander.

Our first stop was an optician who kindly loosened my glasses frames perfectly and for no charge!  They’ve been annoying me since we arrived as they were too tight and it felt like they’d been suctioned onto my face like some kind of Borg assimilation. All I need now is a sunny day!

Next we visited several souvenir shops seeking the perfect fridge magnet. Gerry decreed at the start of the year that we should start a retirement collection of fridge magnets!  We’ve been searching since we arrived in Malta but so far nothing ‘grabbed’ us.  We gave up in the end and decided instead to wander to the end of Valletta, out to Fort Saint Elmo. As we walked it started to rain but only lightly.  As we continueed the sky darkened and there was a huge flash of lightning, quickly followed by thunder. The skies opened and it was like walking through a car wash. 

We ran for cover and waited for the storm to pass.  We waited a while.  We decided to moved on and dived into another souvenir shop and yeah! We found our magnet.  We moved on and dived under a shop canopy, ironically selling umbrellas.  We waited until the rain slowed and moved on again.   It sounds awful and we did get quite wet but actually it was good fun and we laughed like school children between the moans! And we got to see the Christmas lights up close and the rain made for fabulous reflections!

Hey! We’re Grandparents!

Gerry wanted to return to a little bistro we stumbled on last week and what a great choice it was; we enjoyed a fabulous dinner and they totally understoon Gluten and Dairy free… there were also plenty of Vegan options on the menu. And it was washed down with some rather special fizz. Yesterday, as the storm did it’s worst over Malta we learned that our first grandchild was born. A little boy. Now that is surely worth a celebration!

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