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Do You Feel Called to Walk the Camino?

When I decided to walk the Camino I was never in any doubt that I would finish. I learned about this famous trail years earlier when two friends walked. I remember thinking at the time that it would be a really cool thing to do but I looked on a map and realised that they really were walking 800 kilometres across Spain and decided that it was a crazy idea! But the seed was planted.

Almost a decade later I saw pilgrims walking the Camino Frances and I knew that I had to walk too.

Colleen at Cruz de Ferro Camino Frances

Are You Planning Your Own Walk?

Walking the Camino is no mean undertaking.  Having walked thousands of Camino miles I have a wealth of knowledge. I use what I’ve learned to help others plan their own walks. If you are planning to walk then feel free to ask me a questions!

Want to Learn How to Plan Your Own Walk?

Regardless of whether you are planning to walk independently or walk with a group there are so many things that you can do in advance to help make your experience easier and ultimately better!

I run 4 virtual workshops; each of them 120 minutes long and each with opportunity for group interaction, chat and questions; these are live interactive events, not pre-recorded videos. 

  • Which Camino Should I Walk?
  • Planning Your Own Camino
  • What Equipment Will I Need?
  • Your Typical Camino Day
Meseta on the Camino Frances

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A Few of My Thoughts Whilst Walking

I kept a blog, a journal if you like, initially to inform family and friends of my progress but it became so much more than that. I love the process of reflection at the end of the day. I found myself really thinking about my thoughts intentionally, losing myself in them, learning from them, finding focus in them.  The process kept me present, I found that I was much more focused and alert to what was happening around me.  The blog became an essential part of my walk. There are just two walks where I never blogged and I deeply regret that (although I never blog on group walks as it’s not my experience but theirs). And I love to look back over my blogs and relive my experiences.

Over the years my blogs have been read by over 100,000 people (and still counting) and it has grown into this website. If you would like to read my walking dairies, you’ll find then here :

My website is still being constructed so for now the links below will take you to my original blog… there are menus on that blog which will bring you back here and in time I’ll move everything over but as I’ve walked a lot of Caminos it’s going to take me a few weeks… in the meantime please enjoy my old posts!

Gerry on the Camino Portuguese Coastal
Camino Portuguese

September 2021

Walking the Camino Aragones from France
Camino Aragones

July 2021

Fuenta De on the Camino Leboniego
Camino Leboniago

July 2020

Geese near Tui on the Camino Portuguese
Camino portuguese

November 2019

beautiful views on the camino primitivo
Camino Primitivo

September 2019

stunning coast on camino norte
Camino Del Norte

September 2018

Snow in April on the Camino Frances
Camino Frances

April 2018

colleen walking the camino portuguese
Camino portuguese

November 2017

hand made shells on the camino frances
Camino Frances

May 2017

bulls on the via de la plata
Via de la Plata

September 2016

Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
Camino Frances

April 2015

at Cruz de Ferro on the camino frances in 2014
Camino Frances

September 2014

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